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15 Chủ Đề Nói Thường Gặp Trong Tiếng Anh

Chủ Đề 4: How Do You Spend Your Weekends? (Bạn Thường Làm Gì Vào Cuối Tuần?)

Tác giả: Nhiều tác giả
Thể loại: Sách Giáo Khoa
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Key: At weekends, I often spend time for my favorite activities. On Saturday evening, I often go watching films in a café alone or with some of my friends. If I don't watch films, I play cards with my roommates and chat about all things that we can imagine and go to bed very late. On Sunday morning, I also get up late to relax since my busy study from Monday through Friday always makes me tired. Besides, at weekends, I often buy delicious food to enjoy and to nourish my body. On Sunday afternoon, I do nothing but relax and listen to music or watch TV. Every once a month, I return to my homeland to visit my parents, my brothers and sisters, my relatives and to ask my parents for money as well. As these routines happen repeatedly, I am always happy and pleased with weekends I have enjoyed so far.

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