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15 Chủ Đề Nói Thường Gặp Trong Tiếng Anh

Chủ Đề 6: What Do You Like And Dislike? (Bạn Thích Điều Gì Và Ghét Điều Gì?)

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Key: I like helping my friends because when I do something good for the others, I receive new exhilaration, making me feel more interested and happier. First, each help that I have given to a friend brings me a lovely memory. The friend receiving my help often offers me a special attention in our friendship. Second, helping my friends makes my life meaningful. The more I do good things for everybody, the more I feel proud of my existence in this life.

I hate telling a lie because it brings many dangers. Firstly, telling a lie make everybody not respect us. We know that telling a lie is not good. When we do so, it means that we do not respect ourselves and thus other people also do not respect us. Moreover, telling a lie negatively affects our jobs. When everybody doesn't trust us, it is really difficult for us to deal with partners in our business.

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