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15 Chủ Đề Nói Thường Gặp Trong Tiếng Anh

Chủ Đề 11: What’s Your Favorite Means Of Transportation? Why Do You Like It?(Phương Tiện Giao Thông Ưa Thích Của Bạn Là Gì? Tại Sao?)

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Key: My favorite means of transportation is the bicycle because of its conveniences. First, bicycling helps you save money. To buy a car or a motorbike, you must pay plenty of money, but you spend much less money to buy a bicycle. Also, while you must pay for gasoline to use vehicles having engines, a bicycle requires no money for gasoline at all. On the other hand, bicycling is good for your health. You sit still as riding a motorbike, but with a bicycle, you surely have chances to do body exercises regularly, keeping you healthier and healthier. Last but not least, bicycles contribute to protect environment. Smokes from engines pollute the air day after day; bicycling produces no pollution, making our atmosphere fresh and lean. The above-mentioned explain why I like bicycling most.

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